Descent is Gorka's 3rd EP, a dark and elegant journey through the less travelled roads of the soul.

It is the first purely instrumental release from the Spaniard, founder of QTZL along Nicola Cruz and producer of bands such as Gitano de palo. Gorka immerses himself in progressive electronica, a complex and elaborate style. Downtempo, textures and intensity, halfway between futurism and classical.

Descent is a complex work in two parts, that easily transports the listener through progressive soundscapes, through darkness and towards the light, in an introspective journey full of surprise and discovery. The first part is Descent, the fall. The second, Ascent, the healing.

Described by the artist as "A ritual of emotional liberation, after inhabiting a very dark place. I tried to heal and turn pain into music", Descent is Gorka's third release, the first in three years.