JAI comes from the Canary Islands and resides in Madrid. One given day, he learned his name means party in Basque and brother in Arab.

...So let's party, brother

Jaisiel started out with a an interest in the electric guitar, Logic Pro and synth plugins. As a result, Cross Echeyde was born. Bedroom-producer-style music that Jai turned into a live act with the help of his friends.

After the band dissolved, JAI fell in love with clubs and started making electronic music. A need to make people dance was born.

He started his own party: El Drop. Shortly after he published his first track, 'All I Can Do When I Miss You'

Jai had been making music and building his home studio for two years, when he suffered a robbery in his own home. He lost all of his work and equipment.

In a miraculous turn of events, that very same night, Jaisiel had sent three tracks to master. These tracks form the core of his debut EP, Illusions, out via QTZLCTL on the 7th of June, 2017.

Illusions is dreamy and nostalgic House. It hooks you in from the first note and promises a future of bright sonic possibilities.

Jai - IIIusions