"Gorka releases Crazy / Charade in the winter of 2017. The single,  a songwriting experiment with acoustic and electronic elements represents his solo debut.

After the birth of OKASNO in 2014, the band with whom he recorded the EP ""Miles Over the Land"" and the LP ""Faint White, Pale Blue"", with the help of Luca Petricca from Estudios Reno, Gorka decides to leave for Ecuador, where he will develop as a musician and create QTZL, an online record label and select mix of artists from both sides of the atlantic.

The Uncanny

The Uncanny is Gorka’s second release. An EP in 5 parts in which tracks by the author are re-imagined by his remixers, coming together as a whole.


Gorka's focus these days is mainly as a producer.

In 2018 he moves operation to a small studio in the heart of Lavapiés, Madrid.

In 2019 he helps spawn the Antifaz project with Vidal, creating 3 singles alongside the artist as the start of a new step in his career.

In 2020 he spawns Gitano de Palo, a flamenco-inspired electronic and folk project which will see its first release in 2021.

In 2021, he will release singles with Neustart, a duo with Trømmel.

He's also finishing up the follow-up to The Uncanny. It will see the light in 2021.