We like to call QTZL a transatlantic musical collective. It is in fact a network of artists and a netlabel.

It was born as a platform for a certain type of ascending artist in the latin american or spanish scene. It was a network of likeminded musicians and artists to expose their music to a wider audience.

Founded in 2014 by Gorka Molero and Nicola Cruz, the label is today in the hands of Gorka, after the massive success and subsequent unavailability of Nicola.

In 2019, the collective takes a spin. After our formative years, we are now creating the QTZL sound, working with artists from the most diverse backgrounds to put together a cohesive sound and take our vision to the big public.

And it's being a damn ride.

Follow our adventure at connect.qtzl.space

The site is designed and coded by Gorka using Gatsby, Styled components and Netlify. We use a fork of the Gatsby-universal theme The sourcecode is available at github.com/gorkamolero/QTZL